Create the future of medicine.


Create the future of medicine.

We create the future of medicine by providing technologies, products and services to create, understand and master biology.

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State-of-the-art systems that combine user-friendliness, accessibility and cutting-edge capabilities to enable bioprinting with any cell line, in any geometry, using any biomaterial.

Live-cell Imaging

Unlock the power of kinetic assays with high throughput in incubator imaging.

Live-cell Imaging

Liquid handling & bioprocessing

Easy-to-use technologies that facilitate faster and smarter workflows when setting up combinatorial screenings, running next-generation sequencing or proving monoclonality for single-cell assays.

Liquid handling & bioprocessing

Industrial Solutions

Ultra-low volume precision-dispensing instruments coupled with integrated services for robust and cost-efficient workflows in multiplex analysis, miniaturization and automation for all stages—from early research to high-throughput production.

Industrial Solutions


After bringing to market the world’s first universal bioink, which is now patented and being used in over 1,000 labs around the world, we continue to research and develop innovative bioinks with excellent printability and biocompatible properties that guide cellular fate determination.


Cellink by the numbers

30 under 30 forbes 2018
Winner 35 under 35 MIT 2020
Global Design Award reddot 2020
Startup of year ward 2020
Entrepreneur of year SVD 2020
Design Award Stora Designpriset
Entrepreneur of year Arets Foretagare 2019
Design Award reddot 2018
Pioneer Award IFS 2018
Startup of the year award 2017
Innovation Award Veckans 2016
Startup of the year Serendipity Challenge 2016


We develop innovative technologies and workflows that address the increasing demand for automation, robustness and accessibility.


The latest technologies in 3D bioprinting — from tissue engineering to cell cultures.


Accelerate your sample preparation, single-cell cloning and workflows for therapeutic protein production.

Molecular biology & omics

Single-cell isolation and liquid-handling solutions for low-cost sample preparation.

Drug discovery & development

Reducing the obstacles to successful drug development with cutting-edge technologies.

Trusted by leading institutions

Our products are used in a number of industries and sectors by leaders in their respective fields all around the world.

Srikanthan Ramesh
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rating: 5.0
Every lab considering to buy a bioprinter should take a hard look at the BIO X system. On behalf of all my lab members and doctoral advisor, I would like to thank Cellink for providing us with an ideal platform to pursue our research
Dr. Christina Scielzo
San Raffaele Hospital
Rating: 5.0
The 3 printheads allow us to print different cells type in the same experiment. The possibility to warm the printhead and cool the print bed is also useful. It's also useful being able to visualize the geometry you'd like to print on the touch screen.
I-DOT Review & Rating
Nicola Crosetto, MD, PhD
Karolinska Institute
Rating: 5.0
The I-DOT is a great system for making serial dilutions and for parallelizing simple biochemical reactions like restriction digesting, ligation and in vitro transcription, all while keeping reagent volumes small – making the whole process highly cost-efficient. I highly recommend this system for all labs running high-throughput assays that require complex liquid dispensing schemes, as well as those aiming to lower assay costs by reducing reagent volumes.
Stina Simonsson
University of Gothenburg
Rating: 5.0
Very user-friendly technique, therefore all students in my lab can bioprint! Three printer heads can make the most complicated structures and cell combinations with fast speed, high quality and always reproducible results. I am so pleased about my BioX, can´t wait for the next version. I highly recommend this bioprinter.
Inkredible Plus
Dr. S Nath
Harvard Medical School
Rating: 5.0
We initially shortlisted two bio-printers (the other being a Philly-based 3D bio-printer company). There was a clear difference in CellInk's customer approach, product robustness, and confidence in their products, all of which made CellInk stand alone in the market of 3D bioprinting.
Dr. Jenna Dooley
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Rating: 5.0
My favorite thing about this printer is how easy it is to use. When going through the different screens everything is very intuitive and having the ability to use 3 different inks during a print is a huge plus!! 
Dr. Hanna Castello
Rating: 5.0
The product offers an amazing ease of use. The user doesn't have to be an expert in the field to get started using the printer and the bioinks. The system also comes with a built in clean environment, which is super helpful because we don't have to put the printer inside our already crammed hoods.
Dr. Martin Tomov
Emory University
Rating: 5.0
Great product, very flexible , and awesome customer feedback followupthe BioX has been an awesome addition to our workflow for its price, and is high on our list of future purchases as our research needs and planned biomanufacturing core expand.
Dr. Anthony Melchiorri
Rice University
Rating: 5.0
The BioX is extremely easy to use straight out of the box. I was able to get a couple of hydrogels printing within the first couple hours using the equipment. When new users are interested in learning to bioprint, this is the printer I start them out on
Hanna Castello
Rating: 5.0
Amazingly easy to use and top of the line. A must have for tissue engineers.

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Our systems are being utilized by more people now than ever before, for both academic and commercial use. Catch a glimpse of how our technology is being put to use by working professionals around the world in their day-to-day work.

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