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Unlock greater insights by leveraging the power of 3D cell culture through award-winning 3D bioprinters and carefully sourced biomaterials and bioinks.

Automated 3D Cell Culture

Combining 3D bioprinting with the automation capabilities in liquid handling to maximize your workflow efficiency within key applications like drug discovery and personalized medicine.

Unleash the power of light bioprinting.

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Automated 3D Cell Culture. Simplified.


3D Bioprinting, Explained

Bioprinting is an additive manufacturing process similar to 3D printing – it uses a digital file as a blueprint to print an object layer by layer. But unlike 3D printing, bioprinters print with cells and biomaterials, creating organ-like structures that let living cells multiply. Although bioprinting is a relatively new technology, it has huge potential to benefit industries like regenerative and personalized medicine, drug discovery and cosmetics. Find out how bioprinting works.

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