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DNA Studio 4

Accelerating advancements in bioprinting with the touch of a finger

Imagine. Create. Set-up. Evaluate.

From model generation to print records, cover the entire bioprinting workflow with the most powerful, user-friendly and versatile bioprinting software to date


DNA Studio 4 Vault

The leading bioprinting software has been redeveloped with the regulatory requirements of digital record keeping  in mind. DNA Studio 4 Vault provides users the controls for authorization, authentication, and  validation, supporting our customers in the journey from pre-clinical to clinical trials.

From idea to print - with one tap

Shape Generator

No longer rely on tedious CAD software to develop your constructs. With DNA Studio 4, select from a range of shapes and generate your 3D models with just one tap.

increasing access to 3d cell culture

Bioprinting Simplified

With Shape Generator, anyone can begin bioprinting. Whether it is developing lattices for material testing or cylinders for cell seeding.

Bring efficiency to your lab

Expedite Protocol Development

Generate shapes on demand and save complete protocols to rapidly test prints and optimize protocol development. Save all parameters easily at the end of a print.

Say goodbye to tedious G-Code writing

G-Code Editor

With DNA Studio 4 we have eliminated the complexity when working with G-Code for advanced bioprinting. Develop G-Code directly from an STL or edit effortlessly from within DNA Studio thanks to an integrated G-Code editor. Visualize how your BIO X or BIO X6 will follow the tool path, where your changes are being made and ensure a successful print every time.

Preview Mode

Simulate your print prior to printing and avoid wasting precious materials and cells by catching errors quicker.

Find and Replace

Expedite your debugging process. With the find and replace function, users can make changes with one fell swoop.
Limitless possibilities, unlocked

Draw and Print

Create complex constructs with your finger. Draw lines, circles, squares and allocate different printheads to develop multi-material constructs with ease.

Every step. Documented.

Print Report

Whether it is for print optimization, publication, or quality documentation. With DNA Studio 4 users can generate print reports capturing every parameter from their prints, exported in a visually appealing format.

See it for yourself.

Learn more about our extrusion-based bioprinters and DNA Studio 4.