Bioprinting Applications

The versatile field of bioprinting, also known as biodispensing and 3D cell culturing, has many applications. Here is an overview of how bioprinting is being used in research and clinical settings. Find out what a significant difference bioprinting is making in creating the future of health—today.

Cell-Cultured Meat

Explore the uses of 3D bioprinting technology for agriculture applications. CELLINK enables researches to create the future of health. Conceivably, the future of food isn’t far behind. Cultured meat is a growing application for cell culture technologies, and we believe 3D bioprinting will play a big part in the future.

Drug Development

3D bioprinting is an excellent choice to tackle issues within drug development and drug discovery applications. Bioprinting streamlines the drug discovery workflows with biomimetic 3D cell culture models. By doing this, bioprinting helps cut down on drug development costs as pharmaceutical researchers get a more accurate picture of promising drug candidates.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine applications are some of the most clear cut ways on how 3D bioprinting will soon help people. More than ever, researchers are citing CELLINK’s 3D bioprinters in breakthrough publications.

Personalized Medicine

Moving us away from one-size-fits-most healthcare toward targeted patient-specific treatments is a keystone application for 3D bioprinting. By enabling patient-specific treatments, patients can receive better care with better effects – and patients who cannot receive mass-produced treatments have another potential avenue for successful treatments.