Gen 3

The Standard for Light Bioprinting

Experience the new standard for benchtop DLP bioprinters

Powered by our cutting-edge technology and harnessing 405 nm visible light, generation 3 of the LUMEN X™ brings a new degree of precision and utility to the light-based bioprinter space. 

Years of listening to our customers’ needs and feedback have culminated in LUMEN X, packed with an array of new features and simplified workflows. Enabling greater results and allowing researchers across the world to create the future of health.

35 μm

Pixel Resolution

68x38x100 mm

Build volume

RT* – 60°C

Temperature range

* Room/Ambient temperature

Live Cell Printing Icon

Designed for live cell printing

The new tight temperature control, a smooth printing mechanism, and sterility across the printing workflow, join together to increase cell viability. The autoclavable build platform has increased reusability without compromising on sterility.

Grayscale Icon

Grayscale Printing

Accurately tune the stiffness of your material and create biomechanical gradients on demand to capture the finer details of in vivo biology

Thermometer Icon

Tight Temperature Control

Work with a wider than ever range of materials or focus on studying the thermal properties of a single material by setting the temperature anywhere between room temperature and 60 °C.

Consistency Icon

Consistent prints - every time

With a uniform distribution of intensity across the entire build platform, the LUMEN X Gen 3 ensures consistent crosslinking of photoinks independent of position. Levelling up the ability for array printing.

Microfluidics icon

Precise and complex printing

An intuitive software combined with high feature resolution and optimized photoinks makes working on organ-on-a-chip models and developing microfluidic chips an effortless experience.

Build Platform Icon

Modular build platforms

With an expanded range of build platforms, print a variety of model sizes and materials with ease and say goodbye to unnecessary waste of photoinks.

The new standard for light bioprinting

Simply explained

Understanding the printing mechanism

Illustration of the bioprinting mechanism of the LUMEN X

The material

The LUMEN X is optimized to build solid hydrogel structure by beginning with a droplet of light-sensitive, liquid PhotoInk™ hydrogels in a vat. Learn more about available biomaterials further down.

The printing

An industrial blue-light projector exposes a series of images onto the vat, like a slideshow. The areas of the droplet that are exposed will crosslink and solidify into a single layer. The build platform moves up to allow each layer to stack and build the part.

Building life, one layer at a time.

Key Applications

A microfluidic system made with blue and yellow light



Complex microfluidic structures

With high precision and resolution, the LUMEN X Gen 3 enables the creation of complex microfluidic structures with intricate geometries for controlled fluid flow. Users can work directly with cells or seed them later. The LUMEN X eliminates lengthy casting processes and finally brings a much-desired, time and cost-effective solution for reproducible microfluidic fabrication.  

Droplet of blue light


Material development

Develop your own materials without workarounds

The LUMEN X allows users to develop and use their own materials without workarounds or extra fees, opening the door for the development of materials with unique properties and novel tissue engineering applications. With precision control over all key parameters like temperature, intensity and exposure times, researchers can glean a greater understanding of their material’s behavior.

A heart made with blue and yellow light


Tissue Engineering

Addressing tissue-engineering challenges

Supported by the DLP technology, the LUMEN X enables researchers to address one of the most long-standing challenges – fabricating complex vascular networks. Coupled with grayscale printing onboard for the first time ever, the LUMEN X Gen 3 truly unlocks a new degree of capability in capturing in-vivo like conditions.

A pill made of blue and yellow light


Drug Development

Providing greater insights & lowering costs

With LUMEN X Gen 3, we’re able to provide greater insight into the efficiency of medicinal candidates. With greyscale printing allowing multi-stiffness constructs, an increased build size, it is easier than ever to create diseased or healthy tissue constructs with fully accurate biomimetic properties. These constructs are ready to be dosed with compounds for evaluation in the early-stage compound selection process. 

Photoinks and Consumables

PEGDA Photoinks for LUMEN X lined up

Reformulated and rethought for your convenience

With our unwavering commitment to your research success, our seasoned team of biomaterial experts have developed kits with recipes and protocols, which take you from stock solutions to ready-to-print photoinks optimized for use on the LUMEN X Gen 3.

Fine tuned and tailored for optimal performance, PEGDA X is the go to starting ink for DLP printing. Blended with low molecular weight PEGDA, this ready-to-use photoink provides users with a mechanically robust material with high print fidelity.

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Customizable and easy to use, PEGDA Soft stock solution is the ideal starting point for researchers looking for a photosensitive material with an inherent stiffness that closely mimics in-vivo conditions and provides an environment conducive to permeability dependent processes like nutrient, waste and gas exchange.

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The cornerstone of live cell bioprinting, GelMA provides a biodegradable base material with tremendous cell attachment capabilities and mechanical properties that accurately capture physiological conditions. Provided as a stock solution, researchers have the freedom to make the most of this wonder biomaterial’s tunability. Blend with proteins, growth factors or other photosensitive polymers like PEGDA, to create the ideal recipe for your research application.

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Xcite, CELLINK’s novel photoinitiator specifically designed for developing optimal photoinks for light-based bioprinting. With exceptional biocompatibility, gold standard cell viability, and rapid polymerization properties, Xcite enables researchers to develop intricate cellular structures at lightning speeds.

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Xsorb is a biocompatible photoabsorber, specifically formulated to enable complex structures like microfluidic systems on CELLINK light-based systems. Produced with stringent quality control, Xsorb provides users with exceptional control, and precision during the DLP printing process.

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DNA Studio 4 Logo_DNA Studio Illuminate Logo Black
Software for LUMEN X

Ideate. Illuminate. Create.

Enabling intuitive control of every aspect of the printing process

Introducing DNA STUDIO ILLUMINATE, a fresh take on the world’s leading bioprinting software and tailored for light bioprinting and its applications. Available on-board the LUMEN X as well as an advanced version for desktop machines.

– Alter loaded 3D shapes
– Develop arrays for multiplexed printing
– View microfluidic systems
– Set up grayscale printing for biomechanical gradients

Technical Specifications

3D bioprinting technology DLP printing using layer-by-layer
Outer dimensions (L x W X H) 414 mm x 373 mm x 451 mm
Weight 15.6 kg
Build volume (X x Y x Z) 68 mm x 38 mm x 100 mm
Build platforms - Glass bottom - Metal platforms - Available in three sizes
Pixel resolution (XY) 35 μm
LED Wavelength 405 nm (FWHM 15 nm)
Intensity Range Up to 30 mW/cm²
Temperature Range Room temperature to 60 C°
Sterility - UV-C (265-285 nm) sterilization - Autoclavable build platforms and sterile photoink vats
User Interface Integrated Display, Tablet or Computer
Software Onboard: Embedded UI Desktop: DNA Studio Illuminate
OS Compatibility Windows 11 and Windows 10 V20H2 onwards
Supported File Types .stl, .bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg
Display High resolution 10" touch screen, glove-friendly
Connectivity USB-A, USB-C, Ethernet
Power Supply Unit 100-250 VAC, 50-60HZ, Max 26A, 320W

Light up your research