DNA Studio 4 Vault

Translating research to the clinic.

Providing trust and confidence in digital documents

The leading bioprinting software now redeveloped with the regulatory requirements of digital record keeping in focus. DNA Studio 4 Vault provides users the controls for authorization, authentication, and  validation, supporting our customers in the journey from pre-clinical to clinical trials

User Authentication

Leverage your organizations network security and dual-factor authentication mechanism for a seamless and secure process for accessing DNA Studio 4 Vault.

Defined Profile Roles

Ensure process conformity by authorizing features for specific users with pre-determined profiles onboard.

Print Sign Off

Get the digital stamp of approval on every print with a sign off at the end of each run.

... and everything from DNA Studio 4

DNA Studio 4 Vault gives you access to all the same user-friendly, powerful and versatile features as DNA Studio 4. Generate simple shapes with the Shape Generator, edit your G-Code directly in the program with a powerful editor, get a detailed print report – and more.

Your partner in the journey to clinical translation

CELLINK is a proud solution provider that is dedicated to growing alongside its customers’ research. We remain committed to supporting our partners on their translational journey, taking their research from the benchtop to the clinic. DNA Studio 4 Vault ushers the start of CELLINK products designed to support the next era of biofabrication.

Select your profile

With DNA Studio 4 Vault, users can have one of three profiles which determine their capabilities within the software.

1. The Administrator

Admins can access all the features (New print protocol, Tools, Recent print protocols etc.) and perform all operations as in the regular DNA Studio 4.

2. The Designer

Develop and design protocols and define parameters that can be used within each printing run.

3. The Operator

The read only profile. Users with this profile can only load and run pre-established print protocols, and cannot alter parameters during prints. Rest assured features like pausing prints and testing extrusion still remain to maximize print success.

Seamless Bioprinting

DNA Studio 4 Vault is a software solution that supports a scalable biofabrication process with an emphasis on security.