Tissue-specific bioinks

These specialized biomaterials provide an optimized microenvironment conducive to the growth, proliferation and maturation of cells in 3D bioprinted tissue models. The optimized bioink also provides biomechanical cues such as shear stress, stretching, compression, matrix elasticity and stiffness.

High quality

We offer a wide range of bioinks and biomaterials to ensure the viability of cells before, during and after bioprinting. Each optimized formulation confers the rheological properties that cells require to produce and organize their own extracellular matrices (ECM).

Given the important role a bioink plays in the success of 3D cell culturing and tissue engineering research, quality control is our top priority. We maintain and regulate strict manufacturing standards and conduct extensive testing to ensure low batch-to-batch variability.

Find the right bioink

With years of experience in the lab and the biomaterial expertise to prove it, our bioink scientists can help you select the right bioink for all your research needs. They can even customize biomaterial packages for different workflows.