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Materials Today Bio
Xu, Zhang, Jorgensen et al. (2023) Mater Today Bio 18
The researchers used the bioprinter to print a monolayer round shape with their custom made G-S Hydrogel as a material, in order to create skin repair patches for wound healing.
Valiullina, Zmievskaya, Ganeeva et al. (2023) Biomedicines 11 (2)

The researchers used INKREDIBLE to bioprint a 3D in vitro tumor model in the form of cylinder 3x5mm, using our bioink CELLINK A-RGD, to evaluate 2nd gen CAR-T cells’ cytotoxicity.

Rajput, Mondal, Yadav et al. (2022) International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 202, 644-656

Using the LUMEN X, the researchers developed a bioink prepared from methacrylated silk fibroin (SF-MA), which showed bone tissue-like viscoelastic behavior.

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