Our story

From bioinks to bioprinters

We offer premium bioinks, bioprinters and services that enable critical breakthroughs in 3D cell culturing, tissue engineering and drug development.

Our products

CELLINK’s products are trusted by more than 1,000 laboratories, including ones at all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, are being used in more than 65 countries, and have been cited in more than 1,600 publications.


By releasing the first universal bioink in 2016, we democratized the cost of entry for researchers around the world and played a major role in turning the then up-and-coming field of 3D bioprinting into the thriving $1 billion industry it is today.

Our best-in-class bioinks, bioprinters, software and services are being used by the foremost academics and R&D labs and have enabled critical breakthroughs in a wide range of applications from 3D cell culturing to tissue engineering to drug development.

CELLINK is dedicated to taking the on-demand biofabrication of human organs and tissues to the next level, in line with BICO’s vision to leverage bioconvergence in the life sciences and create the future of health.

The team

We leverage the talents and enthusiasm of more than 180 engineers, scientists, financial experts and sales and marketing specialists to nurture the research and development of innovative life-science products and technologies for a wide range of applications and industries.

Transforming ideas into revolutionary products

With a combination of persistence, passion and innovation, we catalyzed the genesis of the bioprinting industry by bringing bioprinting technologies from the lab to the clinic with unprecedented speed. In doing so, we transformed CELLINK into a globally recognized pioneer of 3D cell cultivation systems in pharmaceutical research and drug development.

Trusted by
industry leaders


We are growing!

As we apply our industry-leading expertise, persistence and passion to drive advancements in all aspects of bioprinting, from bioinks to bioprinters, we are also growing our business. In collaboration with other members of the BICO Group, we develop end-to-end solutions to support our collaborators from early-stage research to large-scale manufacturing.

A BICO company

CELLINK is proud to be a part of BICO, the world’s leading bioconvergence company, which leverages the synergies of its premier companies in engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced genomics and bioprinting to create the future of health.


BICO envisions a future that ensures bioprinted organ transplants are obtainable, cultivated human tissues replace animal testing, every patient can get personalized medicine, drug development is faster and less expensive, easy-to-access diagnostics prevent pandemics.