We Create the Future of Health

As the leading 3D bioprinting company, CELLINK is committed to providing the most advanced 3D bioprinting products, services and technologies needed to understand and master biology. We develop technologies that democratize 3D bioprinting – providing the leading researchers in the world the tools they need to create the future of health. Whether it is developing and utilizing alternatives to animal models, accelerating drug discovery, rethinking regenerative medicine or developing tissue engineered organs to treat diseases previously considered untreatable.

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Putting our Customers First

Our success as a 3D bioprinting company stems from our customers’ never ending pursuit for scientific excellence. We have quickly become the preferred bioprinting partner by consistently putting our customers’ research at the forefront. With the largest group of biomaterialists, cell biologists, and engineers, we are proud to work around the clock assisting our customers with application and technical support, aiding them in attaining their research goals. For us, our customers are our partners – working together to bring the future of medicine closer, one print at a time.

Our Story

From bioinks to bioprinters

On a winter morning in Gothenburg, in January 2016, CELLINK disrupted the biomaterials industry by officially launching the world’s first universal bioink. Our goal was to make high-quality bioinks readily available for researchers.

We soon realized that while our bioink had massive potential to change how research was conducted, our customers lacked the tools to truly unlock the advantages of this material. Unfortunately, commercial 3D bioprinters weren’t as readily available. Immediately, we set out to change that.

By 2017, we were no longer just a bioink company but rather a full-scale 3D bioprinting company, actively working towards the democratization of the field by providing cutting edge, yet cost-effective 3D bioprinter systems. Allowing our customers to make breakthroughs that define the future of health.

Today we are industry leaders in the 3D bioprinting space. Working closer than ever with our customers to develop the systems, materials and tools needed to continue on this journey to create the future of health.


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Bringing the talents and enthusiasm of engineers, scientists, financial experts and sales and marketing specialists we take a holistic approach to trailblaze the world of bioprinting. Working together in a multi-disciplinary manner, grounded by years of industry experience, we rapidly develop innovative life-science products and technologies that continue to set the standard in 3D bioprinting.

At CELLINK, we are proud of our many nationalities spanning 5 offices around the globe. Each office’s culture influencing the others’ and our 3 core values: Passion, Persistence and Inspiration. On the daily, our team is delivering on our vision to create the future of health.

A BICO Company

CELLINK is proud to be a part of the BICO family – a collection of the leading life science companies tethered around the principle of bioconvergence, who are bringing disruptive solutions to the entire life science industry.

Founded in 2016, BICO is the world’s leading bioconvergence company. We are organized into three business areas: Biosciences, Bioautomation, and Bioprinting. Our products aim to reduce the organ shortage and speed up drug development by providing accessible life science solutions that combine biology and technology, fundamentally shifting the global healthcare industry.

Using a combination of robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced genomics, and 3D bioprinting, BICO’s innovative technologies enable researchers and practitioners in the life sciences to conduct cell line development, perform high-throughput drug screening and diagnostics, and print human tissues and organs for the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. BICO is the future of life-saving treatments, as we enable our customers to improve people’s health and lives.

BICO has over 32,000 installed instruments in more than 3,500 laboratories, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. They are being used in more than 65 countries, and have been cited in more than 11,000 publications. BICO is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under BICO.