Grants & Collaborations.


This project aims to create a 3D bioprinted model for megakaryocyte development and platelet production that overcomes the limitations of current animal models in the study of thrombocytopenia, a disease with two main underlying causes: a hematopoietic defect causing a decreased production of platelets or the destruction of platelets by an autoimmune disorder.


This collaboration aims to develop a collagen-based bioink to mimic the microenvironment of human mammalian cells. Despite the use of animal-derived collagen in this project, the FUNC-bioink opens the possibility to create more clinically relevant 3D bioprinted models which could replace animal models. Besides, the team is currently looking for substitution options of animal-derived collagen which makes FUNC-bioink a product with great promise.


A consortium focused on creating better and healthier standards for pregnant women by offering them a living environment with minimal risk for the fetus. To achieve this, the consortium uses scientifically valid data for prediction of the potential harmful risk factors of drugs and chemicals, experimentation will be performed with high ethical values via animal-free testing.

TumourPrint Project