Evaluating the Precison Dispensing of TeloCol Collagen Using the BIO ONE

In this technical note, we assess the dispensing capabilities of the BIO ONE to determine how precise the BIO ONE is for dispensing collagen. The BIO ONE has a cooled, mechanically driven, syringe-pump printhead, that is able to maintain a steady cool temperature throughout the printing process.

Here, the dispensing precision was evaluated using TeloCol®-10 type I bovine collagen solution. We printed 10 µL and 25 µL droplets, and assessed the weights of each droplet using an analytical balance. The same volumes were also pipetted as a control.

The results showcase a high precision and accuracy when dispensing collagen droplets, confirming that the BIO ONE can be used for the reproducible dispensing of droplets of temperature-sensitive materials like collagen.

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