Lighting up high resolution, high throughput 3D bioprinting

Unleash the power of light printing

Designed with usability in mind, the BIONOVA X enables high resolution live cell printing, a new frontier in light-based 3D bioprinting.


Direct in-well printing

For the first time ever, bring the power of DLP 3D bioprinting directly to multi well plates, up to 96 wells, ideal for high throughput applications.


Unmatched resolution

With 10μm feature resolution the BIONOVA X is the most accurate DLP 3D bioprinter available. Effortlessly model microarchitecture, vasculature, and complex geometries.


Fast became faster

Utilizing a patented continuous printing technology the BIONOVA X possesses unparalleled speeds without sacrificing print fidelity.

Advanced Mode

Discover Advanced Mode, an optional addition to the BIONOVA X, bringing welcome features to take light-based DLP bioprinting to unprecedented heights.

96-Well Plates


Multi-Material Printing


Cell-friendly printing

Using a 405nm light source, ensure minimal damage to cells during printing.


Control your environment

Provide optimal printing conditions for your bioinks and cells thanks to onboard temperature control.


Hassle-free setup

No tedious alignment or focusing processes required.

Watch this short video to learn more about how the BIONOVA X works.

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A new frontier in biomedical research

Regenerative medicine

From medical images to 3D models, develop personalized constructs


Intuitive workflow and setup


Leverage biocompatible materials that promote cell proliferation

Biomimetic models

Effortlessly recaptiulate in vivo biomechanical properties


Multi-stiffness constructs​


Live cell printing


Multi-material compatability

Disease modeling

Control microarchitecture to recreate disease like conditions


Ultra high resolution


High-throughput printing

Personalized medicine

Drive vascularization for more meaningful tissue engineering


Consistent fabrication of lumen-like structures


High-speed printing for cell-based constructs

Application note

Bioprinting human microheart models for precision medicine and drug discovery.

This in-depth application note demonstrates how leveraging the continuous printing mechanism unique to the BIONOVA X enables biofabrication of physiologically relevant cardiac constructs capable of enhanced maturation.

Technical specifications

3D Bioprinting Technology ​ Direct in-well layer-less printing with digital light projection-based technology ​
Outer Dimensions
(L x W x H)
20.3” x 15” x 17.4”
515 mm x 380 mm x 441 mm
Weight ​ 41 kg (90 lbs)
Well Plate Formats ​ 96 well plate, 24 well plate, 12 well plate, 6 well plate ​
Build Volume
(X x Y x Z)
  96 well plate Ø 3 mm x 5 mm
24 well plate ​ 63 mm² (Ø 9 mm) x 6 mm ​
12 well plate ​ 9 mm x 9 mm x 9 mm
6 well plate ​ 19 mm x 10 mm x 9 mm
Printing Resolution (XY) ​ 10 μm ​
Z-precision (motor driven) ​ 4 μm ​
LED Wavelength ​ 405 nm (FWHM ±7.5nm)​
Intensity Range ​ 4 - 16 mW/cm² ​
Heater Temperature ​ Room temperature to 60 °C ​
UV-Sterilization ​ UV-C (270+-10 nm) sterilization of chamber​
User Interface ​ Integrated Display​
Supported File Types ​ .stl, .png, .bmp, .jpg ​
Display ​ 10” touchscreen, glove-friendly​
Connectivity ​ USB-A​
Power Supply Unit ​ 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 200W ​

A new standard in DLP bioprinting