Application notes

Written by scientists for scientists, these papers cover a wide range of applications and highlight novel ways to optimize one’s research with our devices, technologies and consumables.

Automated spheroid invasion assay ussing collagen from Advanced BioMatrix

Biofabrication of Vascularized Skin Tissue Models with DLP and Extrusion Bioprinters

Biofabrication of Bioreactors with DLP and Extrusion Bioprinters

A 3D Bioprinted Model of Multicellular Lung Cancer Assembloids

Biofabricating Airway Epithelial Models for COVID-19 Research

A 3D Bioprinted Model to Study Osteogenic Differentiation of Primary Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Using Cell Collect Products to Harvest Cells from 3D Constructs

Ex Vivo Natural Killer Cell Assay Using 3D Bioprinted Cervical Cancer Tumor Models

Optimized Bioprinting of Advanced Tissue Models with the BIO X6

Room-temperature Transport of 3D Bioprinted Constructs Using WellReady™ In-plate Preservation