Evaluating Liver Toxicity in Bioprinted Mini Livers

Application note covers studying cytotoxicity in bioprinted liver models. Liver models biofabricated on the BIO X bioprinter demonstrated cytotoxic responses to drugs. Findings further validate 3D bioprinting as a viable high-throughput solution for modeling hepatic tissue and screening for drug-induced liver injury (DILI) and idiosyncratic drug reactions. In vitro 3D liver models can replace costly and low-throughput 2D cell culture systems and animal studies. The new method of “droplet in droplet” (DID) bioprinting uses the BIO X to droplet-print hepatic (HepG2 and LX2) and non-hepatic (HUVEC) cells encapsulated in type I collagen.

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bioprinting with BIO X 3D bioprinter

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