Biofabricating Airway Epithelial Models for COVID-19 Research

In vitro cell-based 3D bioprinted models of respiratory tracts can help develop vaccines and therapeutic treatments for lung-related diseases such as COVID-19. This application note describes bioprinting epithelial models with the extrusion-based BIO X 3D bioprinter to bioengineer tissue models that recapitulate key features of the respiratory tract in both healthy and diseased states, including air liquid interface (ALI) culturing. The findings confirm that these proposed 3D lung models offer valuable insight about the underlying mechanisms of viral interactions with host cells. Researchers also observed the expression of key proteins required for the internalization of the coronavirus, like ACE2, further confirming the physiological relevance of these bioprinted epithelial models 

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Pneumatic bioprinting Printhead for CELLINK BIO X bioprinter in laboratory

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