Biofabrication of Vascularized Skin Tissue Models with DLP and Extrusion Bioprinters

This optimized workflow combines extrusion and light-based 3D bioprinting to recreate fully vascularized skin tissue models.

Here, we introduce an optimized workflow that combines the best of both worlds. More specifically, this technical note describes combining light-based bioprinting on the LUMEN X DLP bioprinter and extrusion-based bioprinting on the BIO X6. Leveraging both techniques helped us recreate microscale features with high fidelity. Additionally, we incorporated multiple materials in our skin model thanks to the BIO X6’s six printheads and achieved more complexity. Follow this step-by-step technical note to bioprint an intricate vascular bed with the LUMEN X. Then, use the BIO X 6 to extrude the multimaterial dermal and epidermal layers

This workflow will help accelerate your research with more advanced models of the individual layers of skin tissue. Ultimately, researchers hope that these bioprinted skin models could replace skin irritation testing of topical creams and cosmetics on animals 

Download our technical note to learn how 

This technical note is conducted with an old generation of LUMEN X.

lumen x bioprinting 3d model

Download the technical note