This Biotech Is Making Tissue Bioprinting Child’s Play

3D printing living tissues is complex and technically tricky. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Cellink is developing bioprinting technology with a focus on making it easy to use for non-experts.

Mission: To make bioprinting technology simpler to use for researchers. This could be used to make cancer disease models for drug testing, and even printing tissue for transplants, such as corneas.

Tissue bioprinting lets you print cells and tissue in the same way that 3D printers can print tools or machine parts. It’s cool in concept, as it could one day print new organs for transplants or for testing new therapies.

However, bioprinting is still in its infancy, which is something that the company Cellink aims to change. “Bioprinting is a very complex and expensive technology that researchers have wanted to get involved with,” Erik Gatenholm, the company’s CEO, told me. “However, due to the complexity of it, the field has grown very slowly.

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