CELLINK Vivoink™

The Premier Medical Grade Bioink

Translating research to the clinic

With bioprinting continuing to break down barriers in the world of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug development, we are edging closer to an era when such breakthroughs are ready to move from a lab setting to being administered as therapies for patients. In order to make this journey, there are important regulatory requirements to navigate.

As part of CELLINK’s commitment to bringing bioprinting to the clinic, we have developed CELLINK Vivoink, a bioink produced under strict manufacturing conditions in line with our certification in ISO9001 as well as following carefully selected requirements in ISO13485 and GMP Annex 1, with components that meet ISO10993.

Elevated components.
Optimized for printing.

Building on the formulation that revolutionized bioprinting, CELLINK Vivoink packs all the benefits of the original CELLINK Bioink. High printability and high biocompatibility are now coupled with even higher quality base ingredients, and a stringently controlled production facility.

Application Note

3D bioprinted reproducible tissue models for translational research using the medical grade bioink, CELLINK Vivoink

In this application note, we present what a medical grade bioink entails, as well as discuss and showcase the importance of bioink material characteristics like viscosity and stiffness for reproducible and predictable cell behavior.
Image of printed 10 µL droplets of CELLINK Vivoink with Panc-1 in 96-well plate before crosslinking

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High biocompatability, from ultrapure and sustainable biomaterials

Leveraging tunicate cellulose, CELLINK Vivoink provides users with increased biocompatability potential without using xenogenic materials that have disease vector transfer concerns.


Enhanced for imaging

With an updated formulation, CELLINK Vivoink provides an effortless ease for downstream image analysis of bioprinted constructs.

Temperature stability

Whether printing at 10°C, 25°C or even 37°C, CELLINK Vivoink maintains stable shear rates and viscosities. This stability allows for confidence in printing reproducibility, irrespective of printhead temperature.


Biological inertness for universal applications

Formulated with biologically neutral components, CELLINK Vivoink provides researchers the capability of studying cells independent of influence from the bioink, focusing on their research hypothesis.


Mechanical stability that stands the test of time

Constructs printed using CELLINK Vivoink maintain their storage modulus for over 28 days of culture 

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