Don't (just) take our word for it.

At CELLINK, we take pride in our initiative to develop new 3D bioprinting technology based on the feedback of our users and leading researchers within the bioprinting industry. In many ways, customer feedback is at the core of our business.

Scroll down to learn what a few of our customers have to say.

Testimonials & Reviews


Francesca Giuntini

School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University

Product: BIO X
Review date: 26 Jan 2022
From: Selectscience.net


"Great! Can't wait to do more bioprinting."

“The printer was installed very recently, so we are only starting to use it. The training provided by the engineers from CELLINK was awesome. We have access to a lot of online resources and CELLINK people are very helpful and happy to give advice. We have the BIO X and the LUMEN X: both are really intuitive to use and the fact that they do not need networking and/or interfacing with a computer is definitely a bonus for us (saves bench space). We are looking forward to doing more on the two instruments and to collaborating with CELLINK.”

Silvia Albert​

Radboudumc, Technology Center Stem Cell Lab


“Everything went well, from purchasing to installation and training. CELLINK’s support services are really great and they are very fast in bringing answers and attending our needs”.


Ishwor Poudel

Auburn University

Product: BIO X
Review date: 24 Sep 2021


"Great user-interface and demonstrates potential with different printhead options."

“The bioprinter is easy to use and convenient. The option for three printheads make it more applicable for printing of materials ranging from liquid, gels to polymer melts.”

Arup Neogi

University of North Texas


“I appreciate all the help from the staff, they have all been really helpful. The support we got from CELLINK is unprecedented.”


Lisa Oliver

Université de Nantes


“I was not sure if I wanted to start doing Bioprinting at first but with the Bioinks from Cellink it is so easy to Bioprint and get data out. You do not even need to think about how much time it will take to prepare for your experiment, you just start in the morning and by the afternoon everything is done. It is actually a pleasure to do a Bioprinting experiment nowadays and much easier for my students”