what is bioink?

In bioprinting, a bioink is any natural or synthetic polymer selected for its biocompatible components and favorable rheological properties. These characteristics temporarily or permanently support living cells to facilitate their adhesion, proliferation and differentiation during maturation.

CELLINK offers a wide range of bioinks with optimized formulations that ensure the viability of cells before, during and after the bioprinting process. These formulations also confer the rheological properties that encapsulated cells require to produce and organize their own extracellular matrices (ECM).


By automating 3D cell culture with bioprinters such as the CELLINK BIO X, scientists are able to study organ and tissue models on a larger scale. These researchers are often required to create unique bioink formulations for specific applications, and the use of standardized biomaterials is critical.

In addition to an extensive portfolio of already optimized bioinks, CELLINK offers a wide range of standardized base materials, thickeners, additives, cell-specific kits and other biocompatible consumables trusted for their consistency by academic and commercial labs developing their own bioinks for automated 3D cell culture.


Kidney organoid

Bioink formulations must balance the needs of specific tissues with printability. Cell-and tissue-specific bioinks must have the right microstructures, extra cellular matrix (ECM) components and mechanical characteristics.

CELLINK’s portfolio includes bioink formulations with tailored polymer concentrations, auxiliary extracellular matrix (ECM) components and crosslinking kinetics to impart relevant structural, physical and chemical cues to encapsulated cells during the bioprinting process.


The best bioinks come from well-sourced raw materials.

CELLINK suppliers are selected for their strict standards, and every delivery is thoroughly tested for endotoxins and sterility. Only approved raw materials enter our sterile and aseptic production facilities, and this precaution ensures toxin-free manufacturing.

We understand the importance of the reproducibility of your research, and all bioink products are tested for quality to guarantee low batch- to batch variation and consistent results when bioprinting. Learn more about our quality standards here: https://www.cellink.com/bioinks/quality-control/

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