TeloCol-10, Solution, 10 mg/mL

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TeloCol®-10 is 20 mL of 10 mg/ml, type I bovine telocollagen solution for 2D coatings or 3D hydrogels. TeloCol®-10 has a high viscosity and concentration, and can form firm hydrogels.

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TeloCol®-10 bovine collagen solution is derived from an acid extraction process yielding a telopeptide-intact collagen.  TeloCol is soluble telocollagen in 0.01 N HCL. The telopeptide regions at both ends of the collagen chain, N- and C-telopeptide regions, are maintained.

TeloCol-10 collagen is approximately 95% Type I collagen with the remainder being comprised of Type III collagen. Each product includes a bottle containing 20 mL of collagen solution. This product is supplied at a concentration of approximately 10 mg/ml. TeloCol-10 is sterile filtered and provided in user-friendly packaging for use and storage.

Read our internal application note about using TeloCol for spheroid formation and migration assays.

TeloCol-10 is ideal for coating of surfaces, providing preparation of thin layers for culturing cells, or use as a solid gel.


Parameter, Testing, and Method TeloCol®-10 Type I Collagen #5226
Sterilization Method Filtration
Extraction Method Acid – telocollagen
Form Solution
Package Size 20 mL
Storage Temperature 2-10°C
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Collagen Concentration – Biuret 9.0-11.0 mg/mL
Collagen Purity – Silver Staining >99%
pH 1.9-3.0
Kinetic Gel Test (Minutes) <40
Gel Formation Tube Test (Minutes) <40
Fibrillogenesis (Absorbance Units) >0.5
Electrophoretic Pattern – Coomassie Blue Characteristic
Sterility – USP modified No growth
Endotoxin – LAL <10.0 EU/mL
Osmolality (mOsmo H2O/kg) <35
Cell Attachment Assay Pass
Source Bovine Hide
Hydrogel Young’s Modulus E (Pa) Characteristic

Product disclaimer

This product is for R&D use only and is not intended for human or other uses. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.