Lifeink® 220 Collagen Bioink, pH Neutral

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Lifeink® 220 is a 70 mg/ml type I collagen bioink for extrusion based FRESH 3D bioprinting. Lifeink® 220 comes as a pH neutral, isotonic bioink and is ready for cell addition and bioprinting.

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For printing with Lifeink® 220, we highly recommend using the FRESH printing technique and printing at 2-8°C. Three dimensional (3D) gels allow for the study of the effects of the mechanical properties of the extracellular matrix (ECM), such as density and rigidity, on cell development, migration, and morphology. Unlike 2D systems, 3D environments allow cell extensions to simultaneously interact with integrins on all cell surfaces, resulting in the activation of specific signaling pathways.  Gel stiffness or rigidity also affects cell migration differently in 3D versus 2D environments.

A bioink that resembles life should include the following traits: High Print Resolution, shear-thinning, strong mechanical strength, superior cytocompatibility, allow for cellular remodeling, and is biomimetic. Lifeink® 220 fulfills those requirements. Advanced BioMatrix offers Lifeink® 220, a bioink that is a 70 mg/ml type I collagen. Lifeink® 220 is pH neutral collagen with physiological salt concentration. The collagen starting material is purified using a controlled manufacturing process.

Lifeink® 220 bioink has the following characteristics as shown below:


Parameter, Testing, and Method Lifeink® 220 #5343
Sterilization Method Filtration, Aseptic Processing
Sterility – USP modified No growth
Form Opaque Gel/Paste
Package Size 4 mL, 50 mL
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Print Temperature 2-8°C
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Endotoxin – LAL < 10.0 EU/mL
pH 6.9-7.6
Osmolality (mOsmo H2O/kg) 290-370
Source Material Bovine Collagen
Electrophoretic Pattern – Coomassie Blue Characteristic
Collagen Concentration – Biuret 65-75 mg/mL
Collagen Purity – Silver Staining >99%
Continuous Flow Extrusion Pass