PGSA – Poly (Glycerol-co-Sebacate) Acrylate

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CELLINK provides PGSA as a photopolymerizable elastomer resin that can be used for bioprinting and tissue engineering applications. PGSA has great biocompatibility, controllable degradation, and tunable mechanical properties. PGSA can be also mixed with other materials, such as poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEGDA) to further modulate the mechanical properties of the printed products.

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PGSA is a bioresorbable polymer with tunable physical properties ranging from an elastomer to a thermoset. It is derived from glycerol and sebacic acid, both of which are naturally occurring metabolites and have been used for biomedical applications regulated by the FDA. In addition, PGSA is light-sensitive and can be crosslinked under exposure of UV and visible light. Due to its great biocompatibility and excellent mechanical properties, PGSA can be used for various applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (e.g. cardiac, nerve, and muscle tissues).

Characteristics Specification
Appearance Clear, beige, or white viscous liquid at room temperature
Grafting Efficiency 10 – 25 %
Storage temperature -20 °C