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PhotoAlginate® is 10 mL of sterile, methacrylated alginate (2% solution with 0.5% LAP) bioink for 3D Bioprinting with the BIONOVA X. Methacrylated Alginate is a useful tool, as it can be crosslinked with light or calcium.

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PhotoAlginate is highly biocompatible and can be mixed with cells for 3D bioprinting. Due to its similar structural properties to the native extracellular matrix of tissues, alginate has been widely used for various applications including wound healing, tissue engineering, cell transplantation, and drug delivery.

PhotoAlginate®-INK is a methacrylated alginate for photocrosslinkable hydrogels or for mixing with other photocrosslinkable hydrogels (such as PhotoGel, PhotoCol or PhotoHA). PhotoAlginate® is a 2% solution with 0.5% LAP and can form 3D gels and can be prepared at various concentrations and photocrosslinked to provide various gel stiffness. PhotoAlginate® is unique in that it can also be crosslinked with calcium. This ink is pre-formulated with LAP to be printed with the BIONOVA X bioprinter.

Characteristics Specification
Appearance Beige or light brown liquid
Grafting Efficiency 25 – 40 %
Type of Alginate Low viscosity alginate from brown algae