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This bioprinter system launched an industry and can also launch your research to the next level. Small but mighty, the INKREDIBLE bioprinter system offers basic dual head pneumatic extrusion in a standalone unit. Easily fabricate 3D constructs consisting of up to two cell types and bioinks just using the built in UI (or through a connected computer). With built in photocuring modules, you also have full control to rapidly crosslink your constructs during or after the bioprinting process. The INKREDIBLE easily fits in any standard biosafety cabinet to ensure a clean bioprinting environment with your cells or work from your benchtop to develop your own bioinks and optimize your construct geometries. Compatible with G-Code for full control over printing workflows.

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Two printheads for 3 mL cartridge (non-temperature controlled)

Built in photocuring module (365 nm by default, 405 nm available upon request)

Compatible with standard petri dishes, multi wellplates

Precise positioning in X, Y, and Z

For more advanced bioprinting capacities, check out the BIO X or INKREDIBLE+


Bioink compatability

See products listed below for a full-list of compatible ready-made bioinks



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