Bio Conductink

Bio Conductink is an electrically conductive bioink that offers great printability and cell viability. Bio Conductink brings new opportunities for organ model development, including muscular contraction models and neural tissue models. Available with LAP as photoinitiator at 0.25 percent.

Recommended for use with BIO X temperature-controlled printhead and cooled printbed, or for use with INKREDIBLE+ and heated printhead. Not recommended for use with INKREDIBLE.


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Available in a 3 mL cartridge.
Sterile production and packaging.
Three-month shelf life.
For research use only. Not for human use.

Product number: IK3CT1020301 (1 x 3 mL)
Product number: IK3CT1020303 (3 x 3 mL)


The bioink has the following quality criteria:

Semi-translucent gel
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin level <50 EU/mL
Cell viability 60% viable mesenchymal stem cells for 7 days
Degree of methacrylation 45-55%
Viscosity 0.5-1 000 Pa·s
Gelation temperature
24-28° C