Six ways BIO X is designed for your success

From our whiteboard to your lab bench, CELLINK’s process of delivering game-changing solutions revolves around your success. We listen to our customers to incorporate feedback into each product’s design, and we can guide each lab to the results they need with world-class support from scientists, to scientists.

It’s through our passions for collaboration and innovation that BIO X has become what it is today – an industry-leading solution jam-packed with cutting-edge capabilities that enable, accelerate and advance scientific discovery in labs worldwide.

1. Clean chamber technology

Sterility is the number one priority when bioprinting with cells and other sensitive biomaterials. Using an unclean system or one that has particles circulating from moving axes and motors always introduces the risk for contamination. To solve this challenge, BIO X comes with CELLINK’s patented Clean Chamber technology. With a built-in HEPA dual-filtration system, users can be sure their experiments are performed in a sterile environment. Plus, its sterile work area means you don’t even need to place BIO X in a laminar flow hood, saving the valuable space in your lab’s cabinet.

2. Built-in computer and user interface

BIO X’s built-in computer means users can perform any bioprinting experiment without the need for an external laptop or desktop. Other systems require you to plug in a laptop – introducing risk for contamination. But BIO X comes with a user-friendly interface that enables you to set up experiments, slice files, save and store protocols, set up new bioinks and much more directly on the BIO X screen.

3. Exchangeable printheads

CELLINK is the only company to offer a system with an exchangeable printhead model side-by-side with innovative printhead technologies. Our BIO X system comes standard with the Thermoplastic Printhead and Temperature-controlled Printhead, enabling users to print at any temperature from four to 250 degrees Celsius. With this unmatched range of printing temperatures, BIO X is the clear choice for any biomaterial or bioengineering lab.

4. Temperature-controlled printbed

BIO X uniquely offers CELLINK’s patented temperature-controlled printbed with a wide temperature range from four to 60 degrees Celsius. This capability is essential for working with Matrigel™, collagen, GelMA and many other biomaterials. Combining a cooled printbed with heated printheads enables users to bioprint thermally responsive materials like never before – only using the BIO X.

5. UL- and CE-certifications

BIO X has undergone rigorous electrical safety testing and verification to ensure that it will support labs throughout years of research and results.

6. Membership among an industry-leading product portfolio

All of our bioprinting systems are built using CELLINK’s unparalleled knowledge in the field of bioprinting. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective platform, our INKREDIBLE+ bioprinter provides many of the same BIO X capabilities at a lower price. INKREDIBLE+ can print a wide range of biomaterials and cells, and is well-trusted worldwide with installations in more than 300 labs and use in more than 40 publications.

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