Temperature-controlled printhead

31 900 kr

The BIO X Temperature Controlled Printhead for the BIO X was developed to provide the thermal stability that is necessary to ensure repeatable bioprinting.

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Whether you are maintaining your bioink at 37 C to maximize cell viability, printing GelMA within its printability window at 26.5 C, or maintain collagen at 6 C, this printhead can do it all.


  • Pneumatic powered so you can better balance cell viability with printing speed.
  • Temperature control precision within 0.5 C through self-correction
  • Heating capacity up to 65 C
  • Cooling capacity down to 4 C (or 17 C below the room temperature)
  • Compatible with 3 mL cartridge
  • Insulated nozzle or needle cover to ensure temperature uniformity down to the print surface
  • Ideal for depositing temperature sensitive biomaterials such as collagen
  • Ideal for bioprinting temperature sensitive bioinks such as GelMA, GelXA
  • Ideal for developing your own temperature sensitive bioinks