Thermoplastic Printhead

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The Thermoplastic Printhead for the BIO X Series enables the extrusion of thermoplastics for the fabrication of rigid lattices, hybrid structures, and drug delivery devices.

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With a heating capacity of up to 250 C, the thermoplastic printhead is already compatible with a wide range of FDA approved thermoplastics such as PCL and PLGA, common thermoplastics such as PLA and polystyrene, and can be used to extrude pastes that include nHAP for hard tissue applications.


  • Exchangeable 10 mL stainless steel cartridge to ensure melting of thermoplastics
  • Exchangeable nozzles to tailor filament diameter and compatibility with other biomaterials.
  • Rapid heating capacity from room temperature up to 250 C
  • Ideal for printing thermoplastics such as PLA, PCL, PLGA
  • Ideal for developing your own printable thermoplastic material
  • Compatible with external pressure regulator for extrusion of high viscosity materials

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3mL, 10mL

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