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The most flexible six-printhead 3D bioprinting platform on the market, the BIO X6 is the preferred bioprinter for those ready to make history. Learn more about the BIO X6.

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With the BIO X6 in your lab, you can combine more materials, cells and tools — and get your results sooner — than ever before. Just select and attach a printhead, load the bioink cartridges and press print, because the BIO X6 software and autocalibration will take care of the rest. The extrusion-based BIO X6 3D bioprinter makes it easy to bioprint the most sophisticated constructs.

Compatible with CELLINK Intelligent Printheads

  • Standard Pneumatic Printhead
  • Electromagnetic Droplet Printhead
  • Temperature-controlled Pneumatic Printhead
  • Syringe Pump Printhead
  • Thermoplastic Printhead
  • Photocuring Toolhead

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Filters included  HEPA H14 (retention rate 99.995%),
Prefilter (larger particles)
Software  Desktop app
Supported file types .STL, Gcode
Connectivity Ethernet, USB
Machine size (H/W/D) 476.5 mm/781 mm/354.5 mm
Machine weight  30 kg
Shipping weight 50 kg
Power input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1200W
Fuse 250V T8A
Structure Powder-coated, aluminum frame

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Weight 30 kg



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