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The BIO X bioprinter is the industry standard trusted by researchers, doctors, and industry professionals across the globe, revolutionizing fields such as tissue engineering, drug discovery, toxicity research, and enabling researchers to do more in 3D cell culture faster. Learn more about the BIO X.

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  • Three printhead mounts compatible with CELLINK intelligent printheads
  • Temperature Controlled Printbed (4 C to 60 C), compatible with standard petri dishes, multi wellplates, and custom inserts
  • Compatible with a wide range of bioinks in our library
  • Clean chamber technology with UV-C germicidal lamps and HEPA H14 dual-filter system
  • Exchangeable Photocuring Modules – 365 nm, 405 nm, 485 nm and 520 nm
  • Built in bioprinting workflow, including slicing of 3D models, wellplate printing, droplet printing, and G-Code compatible
  • Read our latest application note on natural killer cell assay workflow on the BIO X


Filters included  HEPA H14 (retention rate 99.995%),
Prefilter (larger particles)
Software Heart OSTM (Integrated)
Supported file types .STL, Gcode
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB
Machine size (H/W/D)  480x440x355mm
Machine weight 18,4kg
Shipping weight  21kg
Power input 100-230V, 50-60Hz, 400W
Fuse 250V F4A
Structure Powder coated, aluminum frame


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Weight 25 kg



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