Interchangeably designed for more flexible bioprinting with the BIO X™ and BIO X6™ bioprinters.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

The Intelligent Printhead (iPH) system features a revolutionary modular design, giving users the utmost flexibility and interchangeability. Select from an ever-growing family of printheads and toolheads to find the best solution for your fabrication.

Meet the printhead family


Pneumatic Printhead

Leverage pneumatic pressure to build constructs layer by layer. Available in two sizes (3 mL and 10 mL) and able to heat up to 65°C, the Pneumatic Printhead is the workhorse for your bioprinting needs.

EMD Printhead

This inkjet technology allows for a high printing speed with precision. Equipped with a piezoelectric valve, the Electromagnetic Droplet (EMD) Printhead can print a wide range of low- and medium-viscosity bioinks. Combined with heating control, this printhead is ideal for droplet generation and micropatterning.

Syringe Pump Printhead

Allows for superior control of bioink extrusion process by defining parameters such as flow rate and deposited volume, no matter the viscosity. Mechanical extrusion allows for more precise control over the process, making this printhead ideal for bioprinting methods like FRESH printing.

Photocuring Toolhead

This UV toolhead enables targeted photocrosslinking of biomaterials and bioinks. Configure photocuring properties by changing the intensity, duration, and crosslinking height based on the materials used; you can even build biomechanical gradients within a construct. Available UV wavelengths: 365 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 485nm, 520 nm and custom wavelenghts on requests.

Temperature-controlled Printhead

Thanks to a Peltier cooling element, the Temperature-controlled Printhead offers the user the ultimate temperature flexibility. Set the temperature anywhere between 4°C (can maximum reach 17°C below chamber temperature) and 65°C to confidently bioprint materials like GelMA and collagen.

Thermoplastic Printhead

With the ability to heat up to 250°C, the Thermoplastic Printhead enables bioprinting with thermoplastic materials like PCL, PLA and PLGA to improve biomechanical properties and create stronger constructs.