Electro-Magnetic Droplet Printhead

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The Electromagnetic Droplet (EMD) enables contactless jetting (drop-on-demand) or contact dispensing of low- and high-viscosity bioinks, hydrogels, and media.

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The EMD Printhead comes with accessories to support both modes of dispensing, jetting or contact. The flow rate and drop volume is controlled by adjusting the pneumatic pressure in the cartridge, the microvalve’s opening time down to 1 ms. The EMD Printhead also controls the temperature of the bioink from room temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius to better modulate printability.


  • Compatible with the BIO X or BIO X6 
  • Compatible with 3 mL cartridges
  • Heating capacity up to 65 C
  • Compatible with a range of microvalve diameters and stroke lengths to tailor the resultant droplet size, contact us for your custom needs.
  • Ideal for depositing low viscosity biomaterials such as alginate, fibrin, heated GelMA, and cell media.
  • Ideal for encapsulation of cells, media, factors in droplets via bead formation.

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