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How 3D Bioprinters Help Your Research

Using a 3D bioprinter in your work stream is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. And it won’t remove any options for downstream analysis compared to conventional methods of culturing cells.

By using a 3D bioprinter, it has never been easier to implement 3D cell culture in your research. Whether you are printing simple droplets of cells mixed with relevant ECM-mimicking bioink, or creating complete tissue models, 3D bioprinting provides the flexibility and reproducibility you need to develop and improve your research.

Key benefits
  • Increase reproducibility in experiments
  • Develop your own or choose a ready-made bioink
  • Full freedom to develop and print your own constructs to fit your individual research
  • With CELLINK’s 3D bioprinters, you get an easy-to-use interface to make 3D bioprinting easier than ever before.

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Webinar on demand

Watch this webinar about 3D Bioprinting Technologies For More Physiologically Relevant Microenvironments

Speaker: Haruka Yoshie, Field Application Specialist at CELLINK

  • Introduction to 3D bioprinting
  • 3D bioprinting technologies for disease modeling and drug screening
  • CELLINK technologies for spheroid studies
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