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CELLINK Vivoink is a medical grade bioink composed of natural biomaterials, including tunicate nanocellulose and alginate. With CELLINK Vivoink, we’re enabling better imaging and greater temperature stability. To learn more, read the application note.

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CELLINK Vivoink is a medical grade bioink based on natural components such as tunicate nanocellulose and alginate.

Carefully and sustainably extracted nanosized cellulose fibrils (above 99 % purity) offer predictable printability, fibrillar environment similar to collagen milieu of human tissues and supreme translucency for advanced imaging. In addition, cell-neutral alginate ensures ionic crosslinking in combination with the CaCl2 crosslinking agent (included in the product) to maintain mechanical stability of printed structures throughout desired 3D cell culturing process.

As a result, reproducible printability and cell compatibility makes CELLINK Vivoink a perfect tool for translational researchers and scientists looking to either begin their clinical journey or to bring their proof-of-concept studies obtained with CELLINK Bioink to the next level.

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1 x 3 mL