BIO X Pneumatic Printhead

The Standard Pneumatic Printhead is the most basic printhead type for use with the BIO X system. Simple and sleek, this printhead is best used with bioinks that do not exhibit thermal sensitivity or require cooled conditions. Ideal temperature range is between 30 and 65 C, perfect for maintaining cells at 37 C during the printing process or extruding agars, waxes, and other similar materials.


  • Pneumatic powered so you can better balance cell viability with printing speed.
  • Temperature control precision within 0.5 C
  • Heating capacity between 30 and 65 C
  • Compatible with 3 mL cartridge
  • Ideal for bioprinting non-temperature sensitive bioinks such as CELLINK, CELLINK Start, and CELLINK Lamininks

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Product number: 000000020340 (3 mL)
Product number: 000000020339 (10 mL)


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