BIO X takes performance testing to the next level

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With the thermostat set, the temperature of the room dropped to 15 degrees below zero Celsius, equal to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. A camera captured the results as BIO X began printing.
The freezing temperatures formed visible condensation on the door and a layer of frost over the touchscreen display. When the researcher started brushing off slush to calibrate the printing parameters, BIO X responded rapidly and accurately.
“Being the absolute best is something that people strive for throughout their entire lives,” said CELLINK co-founder and CEO Erik Gatenholm. “For us, this means going above and beyond what is required of us in the industry to ensure that our products exceed your expectations.”
With verified temperature specifications closer to Boston’s weather in February than the conditions of any lab, BIO X certifiably exceeds most users’ requirements.

Watch the chilling video below:

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See a video on how the system works in practice

Get the link to the full video below, or watch the abridged version on our Youtube channel.

BIO X6 - Demo

BIO X6 - Demo