BIO X Syringe Pump Printhead

The Syringe Printhead for the BIO X enables piston driven extrusion of biomaterials and bioinks. This makes it ideal for the extrusion of low and high viscosity biomaterials as droplets or the extrusion of filaments with more precise control over extruded volumes and flow rate. The printhead also has a heating capacity to lower viscosity of temperature sensitive bioinks to facilitate extrusion under lower pressures and shear forces, improving cell viability.


  • Compatible with 3 mL syringes, so you can precise control flow rate, and extrusion volume.
  • Heating capacity up to 65 C
  • Ideal for depositing low viscosity biomaterials such as collagen, alginate, fibrin, GelMA, and crosslinking solution.
  • Ideal for more precise control over bioink extrusion rate compared to pneumatically powered printheads.


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