PhotoAlginate®, Methacrylated Alginate

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PhotoAlginate® is a sterile, lyophilized, methacrylated alginate. It creates 3D hydrogels that can be prepared at multiple concentrations and crosslinked using light or calcium to provide various gel stiffness. PhotoAlginate® can be mixed with other photocrosslinkable ECM’s.

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We offer PhotoAlginate®, a methacrylated alginate for photocrosslinkable hydrogels or for mixing with other photocrosslinkable hydrogels (such as PhotoGel, PhotoCol or PhotoHA). PhotoAlginate® can form 3D gels and can be prepared at various concentrations and photocrosslinked to provide various gel stiffness. PhotoAlginate® is unique in that it can also be crosslinked with calcium. This product can be ordered by itself (200 mg of lyophilized sterile powder), or as a kit that comes with a photoinitiator for photocrosslinking (see table below):


 Item  Catalog Number  Photoinitiator Included
 PhotoAlginate  #5310  N/A
 PhotoAlginate with Irgacure  #5353  Irgacure (365nm)
 PhotoAlginate with LAP  #5354  LAP (405nm)
 PhotoAginate with Ruthenium  #5355  Ruthenium (400-450nm)


Once solubilized, the PhotoAlginate® can be stored at 2-10°C for 1 month.


Parameter, Testing, and Method Methacrylated Alginate #5310
Sterilization Method Filtration
Sterility – USP modified No growth
Form Lyophilized Powder
Package Size 200 mg
Storage Temperature -20°C
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Shelf Life After Reconstitution 1 Month
Degree of Methacrylation > 20%
Molecular Weight ~ 30 kDa