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The INKREDIBLE+ bioprinter system offers an enhanced bioprinting experience. Using the dual heated printheads, you can print a wide variety of biomaterials to fabricate multimaterial and cellular 3D constructs just using the built in UI (or through a connected computer).

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The INKREDIBLE+ is a dual printhead 3D bioprinter. With built in photocuring modules, you have full control to rapidly crosslink your constructs during or after the bioprinting process. Furthermore, the INKREDIBLE+ contains our patented clean chamber technology, enabling a clean bioprinting environment on the benchtop. Compatible with G-Code for full control over printing workflows.


  • Two heated (RT to 130 C) printheads compatible with a 3 mL cartridge or aluminum cartridges
  • CELLINK’s Clean Chamber Technology provides a sterile printing environment without the need for a biological hood.
  • Built in photocuring modules (365 nm and 405 nm)
  • Compatible with standard petri dishes, multi wellplates
  • Precise positioning in X, Y, and Z
  • Compatible with a wide range of bioinks in our library
  • Optional heated printbed (contact for details)
  • Optional cooled printhead (contact for details)

Bioink compatability

See products listed below for a full-list of compatible ready-made bioinks



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