CELLINK wins prestigious Red Dot Award for the innovative BIO X bioprinter

CELLINKs BIO X 3D-Bioprinter has been awarded the Red Dot Award for product design. The prestigious Red Dot Award is an international design competition where products are judged in different categories by industry leading designers, this year products from 59 countries participated.

The 3D-Bioprinter BIO X was launched 2017 and is designed to be truly user friendly while providing cutting edge technology.

“Getting awarded the Red Dot Award is a quality stamp that shows that designing a product in collaboration with your customer and putting their needs in the center to reach their expectations pays off. This has truly been the product of hard work from our team of hardware, software and tissue engineers. We are truly honored to get awarded the Red Dot Award!” – Dr. Hector Martinez, CTO, CELLINK

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