CELLINK signs collaboration agreement with CTIBIOTECH for Bioprinting of patient-specific cancer tumors

CTIBIOTECH are leading a new path towards personalized cancer therapies through utilization of CELLINK’s technology platform. By taking a small piece of a patient’s tumor, multiplying the cells, and then bioprinting the patient’s tumor in the laboratory, researchers can discover, understand and find the exact treatment best for the specific cancer.

CTIBIOTECH uses 3D bioprinting technologies, including the CELLINK BIO X 3D printing system and bioinks, to advance models and lead the way forward for treating cancer in the future. Professor Colin McGuckin (Founder, CTIBIOTECH) “We are proud to partner with CELLINK to advance our 3D Printing technologies in cancer personalized medicine”. www.ctibiotech.com The cost of developing a new drug is now estimated at $2.5 billion over 10 years, of which $1.2 billion is due to R&D and pre-clinical screening of drug candidates. The high attrition rate (over 40%) confirms a lack of human in vitro models predictive of drug candidate effectiveness and drug-patient interactions. The importance of cellular bioassays in the preclinical development process of drug candidates has increased significantly in recent years. In the preclinical phase, predictive human cell models in vitro can significantly accelerate development time.

These sophisticated and adaptive in vitro human cell bioassays enable the development of knowledge on cell signaling pathways activated during diseases, offering new targets for the development of drugs. Furthermore, innovations in in vitro three-dimensional (3D) modelling improve the analysis capabilities to be performed not only on a single cell, as historically, but also on entire and complex cellular systems for more nuanced and effective objectification of drug candidates. CELLINK’s Bioprinting technologies, including Bioprinters and Bioinks makes up fundamental technologies for the advancement in this field.

Professor Colin McGuckin, (Founder, CTIBIOTECH) “Cancer therapies have been severely limited by our understanding of how the cancer grows in 3D tumors”.

Erik Gatenholm, (co-founder and CEO, CELLINK) “We are always excited when our technologies are used to accelerate research and enable new advancements! The oncology research field is one of the major focus areas for us and we see a strong benefit of using our bioprinting platform to develop better and more realistic cancer tissue models so that we can develop better treatments”.

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