CELLINK sends bioprinted neural crest stem cells to space

In collaboration with a team of scientists at Uppsala University, CELLINK has sent 3D-bioprinted boundary cap neural crest stem cells to space.

Space exploration challenges the limits of human physiology, and advancing capabilities in spaceflight requires innovative solutions from frontline scientists across fields of physics, biology and medicine.

To study the influence of microgravity and hypergravity on living systems, CELLINK is conducting collaborative research with Uppsala University. CELLINK’s BIO X bioprinter and bioinks were used to bioprint boundary cap neural crest stem cells that were successfully launched to space on June 24. The cells were supplied by Uppsala University and printed using CELLINK Bioink and CELLINK GelMA. The samples were launched to space on Maser14 by the Swedish Space Agency.

The partnership is aiming to accelerate the development of a 3D neural stem cell system to provide insight on how gravity alterations influence cellular properties. CELLINK, the world’s first bioink company and the global leader in bioprinters and bioinks, continually seeks new partnerships and collaborations to provide researchers with emerging capabilities and innovations in the field.

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