CELLINK is launching new bioinks

Today, CELLINK is announcing the first phase of a multiphase bioink expansion. This first phase includes the announcement of two new bioink-series product lines and the expansion of an existing line. With this launch, the company will strengthen its product portfolio and offer a wider range of tools for researchers around the world to use in their research. Additional phases of the initiative will be announced soon but will continue to expand the offerings to best serve the needs of CELLINK’s collaborators.

The three categories are; 


The company is launching a new bioink-series that are based around collagen as its primary component. Collagen is the main structural component found in many tissues and is the most abundant protein in mammals. The Collagen-series will provide both bioinks and 3D cell culture materials derived from this critical protein. These products will have applications in both the bioprinting and 3D cell culture fields. Potential applications include research in tissue development, cell migration, and drug screening. 


Cells and tissues in the body can be extremely multifaceted in their roles, structures, and compositions. To complement CELLINK’s standardized and ready to print bioinks, the company are announcing the Additive-series to allow collaborators to better tailor and customize the bioinks toward their specific applications. These additives can either be blended into existing bioinks, combined with kits, or to be mixed with the researchers own bioink. With this, CELLINK will provide a comprehensive flexibility in composing bioinks anywhere on the market. These additives combinations can impart unique and tissue specific mechanical characteristics and properties based on what is used. 

Expansion of the GelMA and Alginate Product Line

Finally, CELLINK is announcing an expansion of existing GelMA-series and Alginate-series. Both the available GelMA and Alginate lines will be expanded to include more variety in molecular weight, methacrylation degree, and formulation. New offerings in formulations include sterilized and lyophilized powders, new kits for reconstitutions, and high concentration ready to dilute and print versions to build on our best selling GelMA and Alginate based standardized bioinks.

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