CELLINK is launching a new bioink series

CELLINK proudly presents the LAMININ-SERIES in collaboration with BIOLAMINA

Laminins are proteins composed of three subunits referred to as a α-chain, β-chain and γ-chain. They are a major component of the basal lamina that lines the external surface of cell membranes. This protein is characterized by its cross-like structure that serves as a structural foundation for many tissues. Laminins play an important role in cell differentiation, migration, adhesion and also involved in supporting healthy tissue. Several laminins have been identified, which all have been related to different tissues and organs in the human body.

Our CELLINK LAMININ SERIES consists of five tissue-specific bioinks that have been developed for improving maintenance and survival of tissue. The bioinks contain laminins to mimic the basal lamina and the natural tissue environment. These bioinks retain the excellent printability and ease of cross-linking found with the universal CELLINK® bioink.

”We are excited to announce this collaboration with CELLINK and to get additional user applications for our outstanding products ”says Kristian Tryggvason, CEO of BIOLAMINA.”This collaboration is in line with our vison to provide the research community with tools to enable new cell assays, to revolutionize cell culture.”

 ”We are stoked to be working together with one of the leading companies in the field of laminins as it will ensure our customers and partners will continue to get the highest quality products and reagents for their research. As a leading bioprinting technology provider, it’s essential to continue innovating and offering bioink products that create added value for our users. Our product development is always customer demand based and it’s a pleasure seeing this collaboration bringing new products to fruition”, says Erik Gatenholm, CEO of Cellink

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