CELLINK Enters a Collaboration Agreement with Zoan BioMed to Develop Bioinks for Bone Regeneration and Coral Restoration

Using Coral for Bone Research

During the collaboration CELLINK will provide expertise on biofabrication and bioink development with Zoan BioMed contributing their in-depth knowledge of coral growth characteristics and its novel uses in Bone Repair for better patient outcomes. 

CELLINK, a BICO Company and the global leader in providing bioprinters and biomaterials, has entered into an agreement with Ireland-based Zoan BioMed to explore the potential of using bioinks with coral in two important and challenging applications. The first focus area looks to leverage the superb osteogenic properties of coral to explore bioprinted personalized bone grafts. This builds on the evidence that Zoan has already demonstrated for the role its sustainably produced biomaterial can play as a safe, strong and osteostimulative bone graft.

The second application of the bioinks is focused on bioprinting nature-like coral structures that can be used for direct restoration of marine coral and for research on the influence of various anthropogenic factors on corals.

The orthopedic device market is estimated to be around $54 billion yet still faces many challenges in promoting native regeneration. Marine coral is composed of the minerals and salts from the surrounding water, which creates a natural assembly with biophysical properties ideal for bone cells to colonize and remodel around. Through this collaboration, CELLINK and Zoan BioMed hope to use these inherent properties of coral and develop effective coral-containing bioinks suitable for 3D bioprinting of bone structures.

In commenting on the collaboration, Stephen Wann, CEO, Zoan Biomed said “With CELLINK we have the ideal partner, that can build on our outstanding trial results we have observed with our coral material.  We know we have a unique material that can offer better patient outcomes in trauma and spine. It is incredibly exciting to envisage that we can mimic and improve those results with a 3D printed solution that can offer customized patient devices. It’s a very significant market and demand is growing every year as new markets are created and populations age.  CELLINK has an incredible track record of innovation, and they recognize the role we all need to play in building sustainable products. Together we can realize the full potential of Zoan’s coral biomaterials and CELLINK’s world class technology and deep experience. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship”.

In addition to its potential within the orthopedic realm, the bioinks have significant potential in aiding the protection and restoration of natural marine coral when combined with biofabrication principles. As part of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14, countries from across the world have committed to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and material resources.  “At the core of CELLINK’s vision is developing sustainable solutions. We are tremendously proud to be working towards yet another SDG alongside Zoan Biomed” added Cecilia Edebo, CEO, CELLINK.

“We are thrilled to be working alongside Zoan BioMed and leverage their deep knowledge of marine coral to develop novel biomaterials for coral conservation and orthopedic devices” said Itedale Namro Redwan, CSO, CELLINK.

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