CELLINK announces third year extension of collaboration with a global biopharmaceutical company for drug discovery

CELLINK scientists will continue to work side-by-side in AstraZeneca labs, aiming to accelerate discovery of new disease targets and therapeutics.

CELLINK, a bioconvergence company focused on the commercialization of innovative technologies for 3D bioprinting and life sciences, announced today that the company has renewed its agreement to collaborate with the global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, in 2021.

Over the previous two years, the teams have examined 3D bioprinting as an automation tool for modeling various diseased and healthy tissues types such as vascularized tumors, liver tissues, and lung alveoli tissues. CELLINK scientists assisted in validating respiratory tissue models and acquiring postdoctoral research funding specifically aimed at studying bioprinted lung models in drug discovery. Bioprinting applications in cell therapy and regenerative medicine for the liver and heart have also been explored and research efforts will continue during 2021.

CELLINK will provide its latest 3D-bioprinters and system workflows for the exploration of new therapies and disease targets in AstraZeneca’s main therapeutic areas of oncology, respiratory and immunology, and cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases.

CELLINK will continue to provide a small team of scientific experts to work alongside AstraZeneca researchers at their Gaithersburg, US, R&D strategic center. AstraZeneca will continue to provide expertise in biopharmaceutical development to help CELLINK further refine its product offerings to meet the needs of the industry.

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