CELLINK announces collaboration with MedImmune


Gothenburg, Sweden, December 4th, 2018

CELLINK announces a collaboration with MedImmune to utilize CELLINKs’ 3D-Bioprinting technology for drug discovery

Scientists will work side-by-side in MedImmune labs, aiming to speed research and development of new therapies.

CELLINK, focused on the development and commercialization of innovative bioprinting technologies, announced today that the company will enter a year-long collaboration with MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, providing 3D-Bioprinted tissues to aid in the exploration of new disease targets in MedImmune’s coretherapeutic areas, including oncology, respiratory, and cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases.


For further information, please contact:

Erik Gatenholm, CEO Phone: +46 73 267 00 00 E-mail: eg@cellink.com
Gusten Danielsson, CFO Phone: +46 70 991 86 04 E-mail: gd@cellink.com

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