CELLINK and the Adult Stem Cell Research Center at Seoul National University announce new agreement for bioprinting research

Press release
Gothenburg, Sweden
March 22, 2019. 1:30 p.m. CET

CELLINK and the Adult Stem Cell Research Center at Seoul National university (SNU) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore the development of bioprinted liver and skin tissue models. The MOU provides a framework to develop organoid and disease models that can be used for drug testing and drug screening. The aim of the collaboration is to evaluate the compatibility of iPSC-derived hepatocytes bioprinted with CELLINKs’ liver-specific bioinks. The results can lead to new applications and protocols for drug screening applications.

With a portfolio of bioinks designed for printing tissue, CELLINK brings a deep knowledge of 3D live model development, especially in stem cell and liver maturation. To ensure biocompatibility with cell culture samples, CELLINK’s engineers test different variations of new bioinks in-house, and determine the composition that best mimics a target extracellular matrix.

“This is the first step and we are excited to be the main gate for CELLINK to enter Asian countries. I think CELLINK has a complementary technology for the SNU Adult Stem Cell Research Center, as well as many other institutions and companies that they can work with in the future to continue changing the world of medicine,” said Prof. Kyung-Sun Kang.

“We are honored to be collaborating with one of the largest labs in South Korea to advance this area of research,” said Tomoko Bylund, CELLINK’s Asia-Pacific Sales Director.

“We are looking forward to providing the complementary expertise necessary to enhance research efforts and ensure that SNU remains a thought leader in Asia and around the world. We’ll be giving them hands-on training with the latest bioprinting techniques and, in time, this technology can bring a huge impact to the industry.” said Itedale Namro Redwan, Chief Scientific Officer of CELLINK.

In the collaboration, CELLINK and SNU will use bioinks from the LAMININK and CELLINK X Series to provide the specialized environment that liver cells need to thrive.

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