Coaxial Kit

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Boost the complexity of bioprinted constructs with the Coaxial Kit. Users of the BIO X6™ 3D bioprinter can simultaneously print two biomaterials from two separate cartridges for better control when printing bioinks that require crosslinking or catalyzing agents to maintain structure. Coaxial printing also supports printing vessel-like structures by enabling the combination of a primary material with a sacrificial material.

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The Coaxial Kit is compatible with the CELLINK, Alginate, GelMA and many other bioink series. Coaxial nozzles are available in five gauges. For custom orders please reach out to  

See the Coaxial Kit in action. 


  • 1 coaxial nozzle (0.5 inch/12.7 mm)
  • 2 flexible connector tubes, 9 cm length – 3 mm diameter
  • 2 female Luer locks
  • 2 male Luer locks
  • 1 cleaning water jar
  • 1 cleaning alcohol jar
  • 1 spanner (0.25 inch)
  • 2 cleaning wires
  • 25 mL syringe
  • 1 female Luer lock coupler
  • 3 mL cartridge