CytoSoft® Imaging 96-Well Plate

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CytoSoft®-Imaging products provide a tool to culture cells on PDMS substrates with various rigidity including 0.2, 0.5, 2, 8, 16, 32, and 64 kPa. This CytoSoft®-Imaging plate comes with 1 glass-bottom 96-well plate for high resolution imaging of cells on the selected stiffness (below).

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This CytoSoft Imaging 96-well plate has a defined elastic modulus (see certificate of analysis) with a glass bottom for high resolution imaging  The thickness of the silicone gel is uniform with a ~0.03 mm thick layer of silicone in each well. The silicone gels are activated and ready to bind to a purified ECM, such as PureCol type I collagen (#5005) prior to cell addition.

The rigidity of the substrate to which cells adhere can have a profound effect on cell morphology and gene expression. CytoSoft products provide a tool to culture cells on substrates with various rigidities covering a broad physiological range using a thin layer of biocompatible silicone.

The CytoSoft Imaging plate has a glass bottom for high-resolution imaging where low autofluorescence and exceptional optical clarity are required. The 96-well format is optimal for high-throughput cell studies and screening. The plate consists of a #1.5 thickness glass bottom bonded to a black polystyrene frame and includes a lid. The plates are sterilized using ozone and provided with 1 plate per package.

On the bottom of each well, there is a thin layer of specially formulated biocompatible silicone, whose elastic modulus (rigidity) is carefully measured and certified. The surfaces of the gels in CytoSoft products are functionalized to form covalent bonds with amines on proteins. The chemical functionalization is stable and the reaction does not require a catalyst, facilitating coating of the gel surfaces with matrix proteins and plating cells.

The silicone substrates are optically clear and have a near zero auto-florescence. The layer of silicone in each well is firmly bonded to the bottom of the well. Unlike hydrogels (such as polyacrylamide gels), silicone gels are not susceptible to hydrolysis, do not dry or swell, are resilient and resistant to tearing or cracking, and their elastic moduli (rigidities) remain nearly unchanged during extended storage times.

CytoSoft Imaging products accommodate live cell staining using membrane and cell permeable dyes; fixation of cells using common techniques such as paraformaldexyde; and immunostaining of fixed cells.


Parameter, Testing, and Method CytoSoft® Imaging 96-Well Plates 
Sterilization Method Ozone
Plate Size 96-Multiwell Black Polystyrene Plate with Glass Bottom
Quantity per Package 1 Plate
Rigidity (Elastic Modulus) 0.2, 0.5, 2, 8, 16, 32, 64 kPa (exact values provided on the CofA)
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Plate Surface Material Functionalized Silicone
Growth Area per Well 0.32 cm2
Typical Working Volume per Well 40 to 280 μL
Cell Attachment Assay Pass